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The Witherspoon articles are available for publication free of charge. Medical schools, hospitals, residency programs, health care agencies or organizations with newsletters or periodicals may publish our articles. We also encourage the general public to participate, so newspapers, magazines, etc., are free to publish our articles as well. Exceptions are publications of questionable character.

You must ask permission and, if we deem your publication appropriate, we will give it. The text and illustrations are copyrighted and the Witherspoon character is a registered trademark of the Witherspoon institute LLC. All rights apply and we will take very seriously those who publish our material without permission.

After we receive a request to reproduce our articles, we will post the name of the requesting entity on our affiliated publications list maintained below. This avoids unnecessary paperwork, emailing back and forth, contracts and other such bother. So just e-mail a request. If your name appears on our list, you may publish. If it doesn’t, you may not.

Guidelines for publication:

You must not edit the text. The articles should appear in the identical format as they exist on our website. At the bottom of the article is our website address for bloggers. You may also copy the articles in the printable version and post them or distribute them about in break rooms, etc.

Reproduction of our formatted articles is for educational purposes only. No other reproductions of our copyrighted work are permitted. The articles and their associated characters, illustrations, etc., may not be used for promotional purposes, advertising, or for any other purpose other than as described above.

Affiliated publications:

The following are given permission to reproduce the Witherspoon articles: